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“In his emotionally blistering performance, Connel captures every shade of feeling…” – Variety

Variety – Pitmen Painters on Broadway 
In his emotionally blistering perf, Connel captures every shade of feeling that art brings out in Oliver: the longing, the joy, the frustration, the anger and, ultimately, the anguish of having to choose between his art and his working class community. The agony of indecision carves lines in his face as he weighs the offer of a rich patron (Phillippa Wilson) to take him out of the mines and up to her mansion studio.
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Evening Standard – Wet House
The dominant figure is Mike, a former soldier who at first seems like a lazy cynic but turns out to be something much worse. Chris Connel is remarkable in the role — I’ve rarely seen a more intimidating performance, and it’s his moments of composure that convey most menace.
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“I’ve rarely seen a more intimidating performance” – Evening Standard

Time Out – Wet House
Mike – the best character since ‘Jerusalem’s Rooster Byron, played superbly with a smile-snarl by Connel – remains likeable in spite of everything. Come the end, you still laugh at his jokes.
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The Times – Wet House
Chris Connel is simply electrifying as the canny Mike, both the prime villain and just another victim.
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“Chris Connel is magnificently disturbing” – the Guardian

Guardian – Up On Roof
Chris Connel is magnificently disturbing as a tattooed, Bible-quoting killer. The moment when Connel bewails the burning of his prized gym and chapel transcends the prevailing levity: it reminds us that porridge is no joke and that for institutionalised hardliners, prison is itself a way of life.
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