‘Chris has been in many of my productions over the last 20 years and is one of the best actors I have worked with. He has a remarkable truth and solidity in any role he takes on. His work is always sensitive and thoughtful but has a rare muscularity.’ Lee Hall

‘I’m my opinion Chris Connel is the greatest actor you may have never heard of! Denise Welch

‘Having worked with Chris before I knew he’d be good in Wet House, but it was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen on stage. I saw it three times and it was, for me, a masterclass in underplayed acting genius.

‘An actor who oozes charisma and when he’s on the stage or on screen his presence is mesmerising.  If you’re casting a terrifying psychopath with a charming side, look no further than Chris Connel. You won’t get better.’ Denise Welch

One of British Theatre, TV and films best kept secrets ‘ Max Roberts, Artistic Director, Live Theatre

‘Chris is one of the finest actors of his generation to emerge from the North East of England.

‘His emotional range is broad and his comic timing is consummate. Chris excels in depicting all elements of masculinity in all its complexity – from the brutal and aggressive to the vulnerable and sensitive. And he’s up there with the best when it comes to grim and bitter humour and dark dead pan irony. His depiction of a troubled clown in a show written by a 12 year old remains in my mind as one of the finest characterisations I’ve seen on Live Theatre’s stage.

‘And it would be remiss of me not to commend and thank him for his performances as Mike in my productions of Paddy Campbell’s Wet House’ and of course the role of Oliver Kilbourne in Lee Halls ‘The Pitmen Painters”

‘Chris is somewhat of an enigma – which is why he’s such an interesting actor. He’s one of British Theatre, TV and films best kept secrets ‘ Max Roberts, Artistic Director, Live Theatre

‘I had the pleasure of working with Chris on Nativities at Live Theatre in Newcastle, and I was so happy to hear I would be working with him as I’d been a fan of his for a while.

‘Chris is dedicated and truthful and fearless. The three best qualities in my opinion for an actor to possess. On top of that , he’s a bit bloody good too!’ Melanie Hill


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