Height:                           5’11”

Hair:                               Dark Brown
Eyes:                              Brown

Training:                        BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts Newcastle    College.

Christopher is native Geordie with a very good ear for accents and a good singing voice. He also plays guitar.

Film and Television credits include:

White Pudding Supper (Ciaran Charles – 2022); The Island of the Lost (Jurgen Stumpfhaus – 2022); The Hermit (Charlie Fox – 2021); Galapagos (Jurgen Stumpfhaus – 2019); The Dumping Ground (2014 – BBC); Emmerdale (2014 – ITV), Inspector George Gently (Daniel O’Hara – BBC); Goal (Danny Cannon – Icon); Emmerdale (2004 Tony Prescott – Yorkshire Television); Rum Sodomy and the Lash (Neil Crombie – Seneca for Channel 4); Lawless (Roger Gartland – Company Pictures); Steel River Blues    (Tim Dowd -Yorkshire Television); Heartbeat (Jonas Grimes -Yorkshire Television); Sleepzone (Elliott Kerrigan -Pinball Films/Northern Film and Media); Time and A Place (Jeff Bianchi – Groovy Films); Breeze Block (John Stroud – BBC); Take Me (Alex Pillai –     Coastal/Scottish TV); Purely Belter (Mark Herman – Mumbo Jumbo/Film Four); The Bill (Ken Hanom – Pearson TV); Badger (Martyn Friend – Feelgood Fiction/BBC); The Round Tower (Alan Grint – Tyne Tees/Festival Films); The World And Manchester Utd (Mike McNally – Sky Sports 1 – Presenter); The Block (David Chappel – Channel 4/Intermedia); Byker Grove (Jim Shields –  BBC/Zenith North); Quayside (Matthew Robinson – Zenith North/Tyne Tees); King Leek (Sam Miller – Granada Television); Heartbeat (Tim Dowd – Yorkshire Television); Crocodile Shoes series 1 & 2 (Keith Richardson – BBC/Red Rooster); How We Used To Live (Ian Fell –  Yorkshire Television); Finney (David Hayman – Zenith/Carlton)

Theatre credits include:

Sunday for Sammy (2020, 2018 – Utilita Arena), A Whale Washed Up on Christmas Eve (Tracey Gillman – Live Theatre); The Last Cyclist (part of the Brundebar Arts Festival), Ned Corvan (Gareth Tudor Price – North East tour); The Fighting Bradfords (Psyche Stott – Gala Durham), Haddock and Chips Twice (Octagon Bolton) Aladdin (Gareth Tudor Price, Gala Durham), Wet House (Max Roberts – Live Theatre and Soho Theatre), A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Durham (Gareth Tudor Price – Gala Durham), The Prize (Steve Gilroy – Live Theatre/ Edinburgh Festival); Close The Coalhouse Door (Sam West – Live Theatre/ Northern Stage); Nativities (Max Roberts – Live Theatre); The Pitmen Painters (Max Roberts – MTC Friedman Theatre , Broadway, New York); Canoeing for Beginners (Helen Ferguson – Customs House, South Shields); Loot (Gareth Tudor Price – Hull Truck); Cooking With Elvis (Gareth Tudor Price – Hull Truck); The Pitmen Painters (Max Roberts – Live Theatre/National Theatre/ Tour); You Couldn’t Make It Up (Max Roberts – Live Theatre); Unreal (Jackie Fielding – Customs House); The Pitmen Painters (Max Roberts – Live Theatre/National Theatre); The Pitmen Painters ( Max Roberts – Live Theatre Company); The Purple Pullover (Jackie Fielding – Cloud Nine Theatre Company); Robina Hood (Mike Mould – Bruvvers Theatre Company); The Laughter Factory (Neil Armstrong – Cloud Nine Theatre Co.); Peer Gynt ( Bill Martin – Three Over Eden Theatre Company); The Steal (Tim Welton – Theatre Royal York/Cloud Nine); Men Women Inspectors & Dogs (Tim Welton – Theatre Royal York/Cloud Nine); Up On Roof (Gareth Tudor Price  – Hull Truck Theatre Co.); A Kick In The Baubles (Gareth Tudor Price – Hull Truck Theatre Co.); Cooking With Elvis (Gareth Tudor Price – Hull Truck Theatre Co. National Tour); Toast (Jeremy Herrin – Live Theatre); Cooking With Elvis (Gareth Tudor Price – Hull Truck Theatre Co.); Three Miles Away (Dave Napthine – Changeling Productions); Jump You B******* (Jackie Fielding – Customs House, South Shields); Cuddy’s Miles (Jackie Fielding – Customs House); Bouncers (Gareth Tudor Price -No. 1 tour); Bouncers (Gareth Tudor Price – Hull Truck Theatre Co.); Cooking with Elvis (Gareth Tudor Price – Hull Truck Theatre Co.); Studs (Gareth Tudor Price – Hull Truck Theatre Co.); The Fillacavity Hotel (Paul Dunn – Kinetic Theatre Co.); Babes In The Wood (Mike Mould – Bruvvers Theatre Co.); Zapata (Mike Mould – Bruvvers Theatre Co.); There Was An Old Woman (Mike Mould – Bruvvers Theatre Co.); Untitled Acts (Mike Mould – Bruvvers Theatre Co.); Treasure Island (Mike Mould     – Bruvvers Theatre Co.); Moving On (rehearsed reading – Birmingham Rep.); Black On White Shorts (Jessica Dromgoole – Paines Plough/Live Theatre); Standing In The Stalls (Mike McNally – Actors Centre); Cooking With Elvis (Max Roberts – Live Theatre); Shooting the Legend (Max Roberts – Theatre Royal Newcastle); And A Nightingale Sang (Ian Forrest – Cheltenham Everyman); Cinderella (Billy Fane – Regional tour); Halfway (Max Roberts – Live Theatre); Having a Ball (Vee Wilkinson – Basement Studio); The Crucible (Gerald McNally – Basement Studio); Golden Mask of Agamemnon (Vee Wilkinson     – Tyne Theatre).

Writing and directing credits include:

The Twenty Seven Club (Writer and Director, Live Theatre), Wor Stories (Director, Theatre Royal for Bravo 22).

TV presenting credits include:

BBC Inside Out reports include: Why are Northumberland students rejecting university? – 2011; Does mentoring stop criminals re-offending? – 2013; Planning for death with dignity in the North East – 2013; Meeting the gangland members of a notorious 1970s Tyneside documentary – 2013; The Geordie Symphony School – 2015; Wor Stories – a veteran’s story about life on the streets – 2017

BBC Inside Out special features include: The Pitmen Painters head to Broadway – 2010; Celebrating the Lindisfarne Gospels with good news stories from the North East – 2013

Radio credits include:

Sylvia’s Lovers (Dir Pauline Harris – BBC Radio 4);  The Ferryhill Philosophers (Dir: Marilyn Imrie – BBC Radio 4); The Torchbearers (Dir: Kate Rowland – BBC Radio 3); Close the Coalhouse Door (Dir: Sam West – BBC Radio 4); A Man’s World (Dir: Turan Ali – BBC Radio 3); It’s Grim Up North    (Dir: Jackie Fielding – BBC North); The Song Thief (Dir: Marilyn Imrie – Catherine Bailey for BBC Radio 4); The Road To Durham (Dir: Jane Morgan – Unique for BBC Radio 4); The Gallery (Dir: Alison Hindle – BBC Radio 4); The Pitmen Painters (BBC Radio 3); King Of The Road (BBC Radio Humberside); Skellig (Dir: Pam Wardell – BBC Radio 4); Poor Clare (Dir: Polly Thomas – BBC Radio 4);

Voice over, commercials and corporate credits include:

Power of Performance (Voiceover for the Rugby League World Cup, Pinwheel Productions, 2022), The Journal Culture Awards  2022, 2021, 2019, 2016, 2014, 2013 (Host – Reach Plc); Home Star Awards (Host – Home Group); The Writers Awards (New Writing North); Clydesdale Bank Corporate (Dene Films); Rail Industry Corporate (1871 Productions); Police Detective Interview training (Durham Police Force); What Next? (Presenter – Interactive Learning Productions); BR Signal Testing (Interactive Learning Productions); Farming Safety (Accident Reconstruction – Wildcat Productions); Puccina Orange (Video Voiceover – Key Productions); Secure Home Buyers (Mere Mortals); Browell Smith and Co (Dene Films).

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